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很新奇, 尤其是豆花莊首創的“芒果冰豆花”,但自從他們試過豆花莊的豆花後,都愛上了這種
臺式吃法。在餐點方面,更提供了許多道地的台灣家鄉小吃 ,不僅讓各地朋友可以品嘗到台灣

創新的甜品,茶飲,小吃 – 以至永續。 。 。。

"Dou Hua...Dou Hua..." everyone is talking about it, does it bring back your childhood memories?

Grandfather lost his job during the Japanese occupation on 1942. In order to support the family, he started his career by selling bean jelly. Sometimes he sold until curfew hours, and because he wanted to escape from the Japanese army, he would hide in the cane field for the night. After the retrocession of Taiwan, grandfather continued selling bean jelly for living over forty years uninterrupted. He would wake up before dawn to start producing bean jelly, from a carrying shoulder pole to a push cart, from a few people to a crowd. During school holiday, grandfather brought me along with him, taught me how to make bean jelly and told me the story about the Japanese colonial period. Until the day when grandfather was old and blind, I often sat beside him, listening to his hardship when he first started bean jelly. Come to a different place, the homesick feeling had added, especially the taste of grandfather’s bean jelly, so decided to make his traditional bean jelly with the combination of modern flavor and bring it to Malaysia.

Beans Talk opened its first shop in Malaysia on 2006. In the beginning, a lot of Malaysian found that it was a unique way of having bean jelly with topping, especially Beans Talk first innovation “ICE BEAN JELLY WITH MANGO”. After trying Beans Talk’s Bean Jelly, they loved to eat the Taiwan style dessert. In terms of meal, we also provide lots of authentic taiwanese snacks, not only allow all the friends around the world to taste delicious taiwanese food but also satisfied the food craving for those Taiwanese。

      Thereafter, Beans Talk in Malaysia will continue its effort on the “strict selection of ingredients, service quality, and             health regimen” idea and provide more innovative creation and delicious desserts, tea drink and snack – As well as              sustainable…